Taking a break

Most likely i’m taking a break with Coolio’s. I’m looking to either quit, blogging on another blog (in case people want to hire me, don’t need $$$ so don’t worry, just drop me a line at cooliosblog (at) gmail.com) or  if i find interest again (soon) i’ll continue. All depends on what comes to me during the next coming days or weeks. Meanwhile i’ll focus on my 3 scoops (check to the right frame) or the introduction below i once posted a couple of weeks ago.

The main reason why i doubt to continue is the lack of time + my busy work (job). In case you want to help me out and blog on Coolio’s in order to maintain it, be my guest and we’ll work something out. Awaiting your answer on my last and final cry towards people who want to see Coolio’s survive.

See (an hear ?) you all soon.

Meanwhile i hope you still continue to read the Scoops. Here’s an introduction what it is all about. Maybe, who knows i’ll return soon or later when i’ve more free time on my hands again.

1. Coolio’s Scoop.it  can be introduced as an extra Coolio’s, as you know it from this page. With this Scoop i’m planning to do quick extra blogs in the same area as we post here on a daily basis. So, if you’ve finished our daily blog entries, double check Coolio’s Scoop as an extra source for more funny & entertaining blog entries.

2. Coolio’s Best of Vimeo is our second Scoop and fully dedicated to the my favorite video source on the internet, Vimeo. During my sessions on Vimeo i daily check the best of the best work on this channel. With this Scoop i’m trying to bring you the best (personal perception) Vimeo-clips. As Vimeo is not the only source i’ll focus as well on what’s available on Youtube, but main focus will be Vimeo.

3. Coolio’s Best Infographics and Videographics is the thirth running Scoop with a selection of the best, remarkable, informative, creative, visual innovative infographics and videographics for data visualisation, education and alot more !



WSJ Photos of the year 2011

Wall Street Journal photographic overview of 2011. Drag the upperbox to browse, on a map, through all the top voted pictures.

Kilian Jornet: Back to the source

When you compete, winning brings emotion… But this emotion isn’t any more important than what you feel when you’re here, with your feet on the ground…” says professionnal Ultra trail runner Killian Jornet.

In this episode from Kilian’s Quest, Kilian comes back to the source in the peacefull alpine valley of Val di Rhêmes, Aosta Valley. Italy

Best of the 2011 Snowboarding Videos [HD]

YouTube Preview Image

Highlights from the latest snowboard videos (DVDs and web videos).

The Naked And Famous – Punching In A Dream
Explosions in the Sky – The Birth and Death of the Day

A Brief History of Santa

YouTube Preview Image

How the modern Santa Claus came to us.

Full script available here: http://blog.cgpgrey.com/brief-history-of-santa/


YouTube Preview Image

Nonstop AKA Marquese (Marquese Scott) performing at the Big Wall. The dancer is meanwhile getting more and more famous @ Youtube. It all started with the clip below :

YouTube Preview Image

His channel at Youtube.

Best Table Tennis Shots of 2011

YouTube Preview Image

Photographic overview of 2011

Here’s a compilation of the end of the year’s overview in pictures.

111 best 2011 news pictures by Totallycoolpics

111 weird and wonderfull pictures by Totallycoolpics

111 fantastic sports pictures by Totallycoolpics

Splitscreen: A Love Story

Shot entirely on the Nokia N8 mobile phone. Winner of the Nokia Shorts competition 2011.


A Photographic Journey through Graubünden – Switzerland

Fantastic photographic journey through Graubünden, a beautifull area in Switzerland. As i regularly visit Switzerland myself, hereby an ode to the creator. Fantastic job he did here !

Message from the creator, Stefan Kohler :

After more than half a Year of Work, the finale Edition of my Timelapse Shortmovie is finished. I don’t even know how many hours of work I put into this, but not few, thats clear. 
All the Scenes were Shot in Graubünden, Switzerland, from Juny till November 2011. The Shooting Locations are mostly several Hours away from the next human Settlements. So walking long distances with a Lot of Gear was required. 

Facebook page: facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001869614600

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