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The 40 Most Spectacular and Mindblowing Photos of Nature


A lifetime is not enough to see what nature has to offer and all its beauties, along with its weirdness at times. There’s always something new happening in the world that people can hardly explain and sometimes mysteries are never solved.

Pxleyes presents a stunning showcase of 40 images dedicated to the spectacular nature events from all over the world: a show of natural lights and colors, impressive rocky mountains and structures, tons of beautiful blue eyes and many other interesting elements, some almost unheard of.

Stop Stamping on us & macro filming small objects

“Stop Stamping on us !”, impressive macro-film by Stuart Sinclair (

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While creating this post i strumbled on some other, even more fascinating, macro filming created by Clemento :

below you’ll find part 2 and part 3 :


The Muir Project

During the summer of 2011, a group of multimedia artists spent 25 days hiking the 350km/219 mile long John Muir Trail (on Wikipidia). The intent was to capture their experience on the trail and bring it back to the general public in the form of a gallery exhibit including photographs, video installations and hands-on displays that allow visitors to truly get a feeling for the beauty and majesty of the trail without the burning lungs and blisters. Alongside the exhibit will be a feature length documentary chronicling their adventures on the trail.

This is the first glimpse into their epic journey, accompanied by the single, ALMOST THERE by Opus Orange.

The Muir Project website.

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45 Impressive Examples of Infrared Photography

 Infrared Photography is capturing invisible light that shows incredible after effects. The infrared wavelengths usually ranges from 750-900nm. Your naked eye sees things as they naturally are, but just like radio waves, ultraviolet rays, gamma rays, and microscopic germs you eyes are blind to infrared. Basically speaking you are simply blocking out visible light while letting the invisible light come inside the camera lens.

Today for your inspiration Inspirationfeed has gathered incredible examples of infrared photography.

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21 places you should see before you die

No matter how advanced our cities and technology is, eventually we get tired of all the noise, stress and crowd of the city and want to be in the nature.

Humans have transformed Earth beyond recovery, but luckily not everything is lost yet. Beautiful mountains, blue water lakes, magnificent oceans with fabulous islands – our planet has many breathtaking places and awe-inspiring sceneries  just waiting for you to discover them.

However, life is short, and the funds are limited, so we have to narrow down the selection. Knowing that you are just another lazy panda, we’ve done it for you!

Bored Panda weblog picked 21 most amazing places in the world, however it is said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”,  so you may as well have your very own personal list of places to see before you die.

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ISS Envy : breathtaking views of earth

ISS Envy : Breathtaking views of Earth

15 Most Incredible Slot Canyons on Earth

15 most incredible slot canyons on Earth

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Kamchatka and his bears by Roman Murushkin

Kurile Lake is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is the second largest fresh water lake in Kamchatka. Its surface area is 76.2 square kilometers (12.5 kilometers long and 8 kilometers wide). Kurile Lake was formed 8300-8400 years ago by a large volcanic explosion and a collapse of the Earth crust. The lake has an average depth of 176 meters, and a maximum depth of 306 meters. The only river that takes off from this lake is the Ozyornaya river which connects it with the Sea of Okhotsk. The great spawning migration of blueback salmon lasts from July till February, attracting many animals and birds: bears, Steller’s sea eagles, foxes, sea gulls, ducks, swans, etc.

Check here for Kamchatka and his bears in a photograhic impression of Roman Murushkin.

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A Timelapse Journey with Nature

Check here ate Evosia Studios for more of their fantastic work (photos and videos).

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Iceland : a photographic impression

An amazing collection of pictures of Iceland.  Light Stalking recently published simular collections of pictures  of New Zealand, China and India,

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