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Incredible Paper Art

Meghalaya living bridges and it’s sustainable living architecture

A bridge in Meghalaya constructed by the living roots of Fig Trees.

Deep in the rainforests of the Indian state of Meghalaya, bridges are not built, they’re grown.

Ancient vines and roots of trees stretch horizontally across rivers and streams, creating a solid latticework structure strong enough to be used as a bridge.

Read more over here.

Via (video) : Bloggeritis

Planets viewed from Earth as if they were at the distance of our moon.

Some things to think about during the weekend.

Planets viewed from Earth as if they were at the distance of our moon. Watch the size of Jupiter ;)

There are several videos circulating showing a comparison of the largest stars.

See How Big The Universe Is …

We are literally NOTHING


Windows on the past : 7 amazing creatures preserved in amber


Windows to the past

Amber, or fossil tree sap, can contain perfectly preserved plants, insects and animals many millions of years old. These tiny tinted windows to an ancient past have shown us some surprising things, including finely detailed prehistoric animals as large and complex as crustaceans, frogs and lizards.

Via WebEcoist, a fantastic site with stories of strange nature, rare animals and weird world wonders.

12 most poisonous snakes

12 most poisonous snakes in the world

10 incredibly cute snapshots of baby crocodiles

Via : Environmental Graffiti

Some special HD timelapse videos

Time-lapse view of Earth from the International Space Station over North America to South America.

New York in a different way with background music: Moby-inside from the album PLAY

Hong Kong timelapse

Around Paris Timelapse

And finally another one by the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Have found some other cool ones but let’s keep this for later.


Rhian Sugden Touches herself

Rhian Sugden, a model for UK’s Nuts magazine  felt like giving us a show and touching herself for the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign.

This smoking hot model — dressed only in a bra and panties — touches herself as part of a campaign to bring awareness to testicular, prostate and bowel cancer in men.

Rhian Sugden, let’s introduce her to you … for those who don’t know her.



The most dangerous place to swim

Devil’s pool at Victoria Falls. The most stupid thing to do there, imho, is to take pictures.

Your Weekend Link Dump…

cool spiderman tattoo Let’s kick off your weekend link-dump with this set of truly amazing tattoos

Recently voted the best gadget ever made, here’s what you can do with the boring old cigarette lighter

Stuck for something to read..? Which Book matches your likes and offers up the best reads…

It’s been one of the worst summers in living memory here in the UK…here’s how to forecast the weather without gadgets…

Speaking of nature, it might be wild and often dangerous, but it’s also truly beautiful…here’s 40 stunning photographs to back that up…

50 Documentaries you must see before you die…being a documentary junkie this is straight out of my own bookmarks…

Bring the art of the world direct to your pc, laptop or phone…love this site…

Thanks to the truly excellent everlasting blort for this weird find lol…Men in Kilts With Pressure Washers…haha…

Cancer is a difficult subject and at some time in our lives will affect us all…here’s the truly inspirational but ultimately sad blog of friend of a friend…The Knock On Effect

OK I shall leave you to enjoy the rest of your weekend with Nope Chuck Testa…disproving the myth that stuffing animals ain’t funny…

C’ya and the rumour is if we all sacrifice baby goats and drink the blood of virgins, the legendary DNA Cowboy might grace us with his presence soon ~ we can but hope :)

Life to inorganic matter

Scary, scientists make first step towards bringing life to inorganic matter.

New NASA pics show Apollo Astronaut’s footpaths on the moon

Cool site and respect for the crew of Gizmag, definately worth a bookmark !


World greatest dragrace :

A brief little video about money, complete with a humorous dose of fun filled facts and a healthy serving of legitimate bitterness. Money is Weird, indeed :

Five insanely delicious cooking gadgets.

More later. Cya.



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