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Here’s the start in Moscow of the great Trans Siberian Railway, the pride of Russia, which goes across two continents, 12 regions and 87 cities. The joint project of Google and the Russian Railways lets you take a trip along the famous route and see Baikal, Khekhtsirsky range, Barguzin mountains, Yenisei river and many other picturesque places of Russia without leaving your house. During the trip, you can enjoy Russian classic literature, brilliant images by photographer Anton Lange and fascinating stories about the most attractive sites on the route. Check the full route @ Google Maps, with full coverage and video’s.

And here’s some new stuff on Google Maps. New 45° images released , click the image above for all cities with these images.

Find 11,200 nature sites and 30,241 events in the United States ! Click an icon to zoom in, or use the search tools to find sites in the desired area.

Iceland in Maps is the first series of Google Maps application.



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