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A run-of-the-mill liquor commercial takes a dark, unexpected turn in this brilliant Swedish production

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As the wind turns bitter and the days become shorter, what could be more appealing than a Friday night spent relaxing by the hearth with good friends and a warming glass of spirits? It’s a scene that advertisers love to display in the cold winter months, but according to one Swedish group, it’s what happens as the night goes on that really matters.

Via : Adweek

Know What You’re Drinking…

Yet another one of those internet crazes that’s got everyone going a bit silly…planking

There’s more to life than stupid phones and vacations ~ the iPhone ad re-invented lol…

Sex Ed ain’t what it used to be lol ~ “when her boobs go boink your wang might go wunk…”

Cool post of famous album covers in real life…

It’s hard to believe but these amazing portraits were actually drawn and NOT photographed…wow…

If like me you love watching documentaries, than make sure this site stays in your bookmarks ~ On Line Documentaries

I’ll leave you with your daily awww that’s so sweet ~ want a dog but can’t be bothered to train it to do tricks..?

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